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Kathy Bohanan Enzerink
Pamlico News Staff

Mesic reviews committees

The Town of Mesic held its annual Committee Review and Appointment
meeting Thursday, Feb. 12.  Some leadership positions remained intact
while others were up for grabs.  Mayor Booker Jones often used a little
cajoling and nudging to convince a council member to accept
chairmanship.  Duties were spread among the council, mayor and Town

Jones said, at a minimum, he wants to establish a booklet or file
containing the updated roster and duties for every committee.

Chair, co-chair, membership and duties for the standing committees are
listed below:

  •   Planning Board:  James Cooper and Lois Credle.  Membership
    includes the entire Town Council.  Duties will be adopted after
    review of sample guidelines as set forth by the Division of
    Community Assistance.

  •   Beautification:  Lois Credle and Admire Gibbs.  Membership not
    yet in place.  Duties include landscaping at Town Hall and its paved
    area, Christmas wreath placement, street decorations and insect
    and pest awareness.

  •   State Roads:  Brian Credle and Booker Jones.  No membership.  
    Duties include monitoring condition of state road ditches, shoulders
    (mailboxes and driveways), road surface, right-of-way and ditch
    bank mowing and maintaining contact with NC Department of

  •   Town Streets-maintenance and mowing:  Admire Gibbs and
    James Cooper.  Membership not yet in place.  Duties include
    managing mowing at Town Hall, pavement repair including where
    school bus turns around, resealing, and monitor new street

  •   Town Street Lights:  Hazel Smith and Brian Credle.  Membership
    not yet in place.  Duties include monitoring street light outages,
    broken and damaged light and reporting to the power company and
    accountability of light locations with provider.

  •   Town Street Signs:  James Cooper and Admire Gibbs.  
    Membership not yet in place.  Duties include monitoring condition of
    signs, report and replace missing signs, request new signs for new
    streets and oversee all installations.

  •   Community Development:  Will function on an as needed basis.  
    Booker Jones and James Cooper.  Membership:  Admire Gibbs and
    two residents to serve as at-large members.  Duties:  "As stated in
    the ordinance," includes new building structures, renovations, sub
    divisions, etc. for permits.

  •   Garbage Collection Bins:  Hazel Smith and Lois Credle.  
    Membership is not yet in place but will include residents with pickup
    trucks.  Duties include monitoring the provisioning of bins to all
    residents, request replacement bins, maintain contact with county
    for updates with tax collector and report need to provider.

Leadership for Fundraising, Emergency Preparedness,
Watchcare/Community Watch and Decoration/Hospitality Committees
will be completed at the continuation meeting scheduled Thursday
March 5 at 6:30 p.m.

It never hurts to do an annual review," said Jones.
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