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Press Release                                                                                         July 16, 2007

"Mesic gets USPS approval"

For thirty six (36) years, from the day of its incorporation until
now, the town of Mesic had to use the town of Bayboro as a part
of its official mailing address.

Within a few months after being elected, the town new mayor,
Booker T. Jones and the town council called for a public hearing
and several strategic planning meetings (with technical
assistance by the NC Div. Of Community Assistance) to prioritize
the interest of Mesic citizens. Establishing a post office for the
town of Mesic to obtain its own postal identity was the number
one priority.

On October 3, 2006, the town council of Mesic adopted a
"resolution to establish a post office" in the town of Mesic, N.C.  
The resolution together with the petitions with several hundred
signatures, letters of support and or resolutions from; the pamlico
county sheriff's department, the Bayboro town council of
governments and the legal aid of North Carolina Community
Economic Development Practice Group Manager were forwarded
to U.S.  Congressman Walter B. Jones, Jr. for his assistance.

Consequently we were informed by the United States Postal
service that as of July 2, 2007 the citizens of Mesic may use
"Mesic, N.C. 28515" as the last line of their address.

The mayor and town council wish to thank everyone for their
USPS allows patrons to use Mesic in mailing address
Mesic reviews committees
Mesic revives town identity